GWC Counseling

As a precautionary measure against COVID-19, all Counseling sessions are done using Google Hangouts Meet.

Please select the appointment type.

Personal Counseling

Personal Counseling-

Personal counseling appointment.

Counseling services provide a unique and collaborative relationship between a professional and a person in need of help. Student counseling services are free. Please note, counselors do not provide clinical work/ treatment of disorders. However, counselors may provide community resources/contacts.

1 hour

NEW N.O.W. Student

NEW N.O.W. Student - N.O.W. Program Student ONLY

New to the N.O.W. Program, this is your first appointment with the NOW Program Counselor.

Prior to this appointment you must complete the GW 2020 Fall - No Opportunity Wasted CANVAS ( course.

30 minutes

Continuing N.O.W. Student

Continuing N.O.W. Student - N.O.W. Program Student ONLY

Current N.O.W. student. Schedule a follow-up appointment with N.O.W. Program Counselor (this is mandatory at least once a semester).

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